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Radiation Safety and Control Laboratory

Facilities Available

Secondary standard Cs-137 Source for Radiation Survey Meter Calibration

Cutie Pie Gamma Source Meter

Model 450 Ion Chamber Survey Meter

Model 489-50 Radiation Probe

Precision Electrometer


  • Personnel dose monitoring
  • Occupation exposure monitoring
  • Provision of dosimetry badges for personnel and environmental monitoring
  • Survey of work place and evaluation of existing protective devices
  • Training of personnel on proper handling of radioactive materials, radiation machines and the environment
  • Design of rooms to house x-ray and other radiation emitting machines to meet the national and international regulation requirements.


  • Determination of the distribution of NORM and other radionuclides in the effluent slot and its environment at the Forcados – An SPDC Nig. Ltd Contract Job.
  • Consultancy services for the defunct FEPA on monitoring of shipping containers at the Tin-Can Island Port in 1997
  • Commissioned by the Ministry of Aviation to investigate radioactivity fallout resulting from a plane crash at the Ilorin international Airport in 1987
  • Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Science & Tech to investigate the alleged dumping of radioactive waste in Ajaokuta in 1988
  • Commissioned to survey for radioactivity, recommend methods of remediation and take part in the remediation activities during the waste dumping crisis at Koko sea port in 1988.
  • Radiation monitoring of diagnostic x-ray facilities in Oyo State of Nigeria in 1998.
  • Training of medical and industrial radiographers in radiation protection and control
  • Many members of CERD have served in various national and international committees on radiation protection.








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