Division of Energy Management and Technology

Revised Mandate in the Instrument of Regulation

  1. The Division shall operate as an Academic Division
  2. The operations of the Division shall be focused on delivering services relevant to the mandate of CERD for national development and would be driven from its various laboratories
  3. Laboratory in this context represents where researches and teachings are conducted with the intent to generate tangible and/or intangible outputs in form of knowledge and/or products
  4. The Division shall operate through a number of distinct Laboratories for research, teaching and provision of consultancy services on emerging issues in Energy Management and Technology.
  5. The operations of the Laboratories within the Division will be synchronized/synergized with the overall mandate of CERD through cross-cutting issues of database management, offering of educational programmes and trainings as well as consultancy.
  6. The Laboratories in the decision shall include but not limited to the following:
    1. Atmospheric Research and Information Analysis Laboratory – ARIAL
    2. Biochemical Engineering and Research Laboratory – BERL
    3. Energy Systems and Climate Change Analysis Laboratory – ESCCAL
  7. The focus of each of the Laboratories are listed as follows:

Atmospheric Research and Information Analysis

  • Air Pollution Research
  • Applications of atomic and nuclear analytical techniques in environmental and natural resource characterization
  • Basic Meteorology and Climatology
  • Mesoscale Data Assimilation and Weather Prediction
  • Upper Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
  • Climate System Variability and Mitigation/Adaptation Assessment
  • Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Computational Sciences and Model Development

Biochemical Engineering and Research

  • Conduct of Anaerobic Assays
  • Determination of dry matter and ash
  • Volatile Fatty Acids sample preparations and determination using Gas Chromatograph
  • Alcohols (Methanol and Ethanol) determination using Gas Chromatograph

Energy Systems and Climate Change Analysis

  • Energy Conversion and Environmental Impacts Sub-Group
  • Energy Economics, Energy Modeling and Energy Policy Analysis Sub-Group
  • Energy Auditing and Retrofit Sub-Group
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Finance Sub-Group

We are at CERD

Cross-Cutting Issues

Database Management:
This will involve creating a repository for collecting and storing data in regards to Nuclear Technology as well as Energy and Climate Change related issues in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the global south at the first instance. Other areas of interest to national development will also be added. The database will involve different phases and stages of management, building knowledge and capacity in making the transition to a modern climate-smart system and sustaining data management operations. The major activity is currently undertaken is the ARIAL Climate Data Systems (ACDS).

Capacity building:
Teaching and training as entrenched in the core activities of the Laboratory will involve hosting educational programmes and organizing workshops and seminars, both face-to-face and virtual to impact knowledge.

The Division will be involved in consultancy services, to provide expert advice in areas of sustainable energy management and transitions through energy modeling, planning and policy analysis. The Division will pull its niche experiences, industry understanding, and problem-solving abilities to offer specific advice to clients. This will include climate change issues, building and transportation sectors in relation to sustainable finance.