Division of Applied Nuclear Science and Technology

The Mandate in the Instruction of Regulation

  • Exploit the Accelerator technology for basic and applied research
  • Applied nuclear techniques in Atmospheric fine particle aerosol research
  • Application of nuclear techniques in solid minerals characterization and quantification
  • Provide radiation protection dosimetry and monitoring services
  • Standardize radiation-shielding systems
  • Carry out studies on radioactive waste disposal
  • Carry out continuous assessment of the NORM levels in the oil producing and mining zones in the country
  • Conduct food irradiation studies
  • Reactor Physics
  • Investigate plant and animal mutation and breeding using nuclear techniques
  • Engage in nuclear data gathering and development of computer codes for data gathering and analysis
  • Carry out basic and applied nuclear physics research
  • Reactor Engineering
  • Any other assignment (teaching, training, and consultancy)

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